Rogers, H.S. Art, Science, and the Politics of Knowledge. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2022.
MIT Direct Open Source.

Rogers, H.S., Halpern, M.K., Hannah, D. Vignone, K. Routledge Handbook of Art, Science, and Technology Studies. London; New York: Routledge, Taylor et Francis Group, 2021.
ASTS Handbook Full Text.

Exhibition Catalogs

Rogers, H.S., Myers, W. and Manley, R. Art’s work in the age of biotechnology: Shaping our genetic futures. Raleigh, NC: NC State University Libraries, 2019.
Full Text.

Rogers, H.S. Shadows and Ashes: The Peril of Nuclear Weapons. Ithaca, NY: Digital Platform Powered by Manifold/Cornell University Press, 2018.
Full Text.


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Full Text.

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Full Text


Rogers, H.S. Practices of art and science. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University, 2012.
Full Text.

Archived Projects

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